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Barrel Bag

By Freeset

$ 13.00


Your purchase of this Freeset bag helps continue a journey of freedom. In Kolkata, thousands of women are trapped in prostitution, forced there by poverty. The Freeset women have chosen freedom by learning new skills at the Freeset business. Their new lives include fair wages, health benefits, pension funds, literacy classes, and day care for their children. More importantly, they are no longer forced to sell their bodies and their children have new opportunities. This bag was created by Freeset women for you. By purchasing a Freeset bag, you become part of their story of freedom.

Dimensions:  34cm H x 16cm W with a circular base 10cm diameter.

Fabric: Juco- a wonderful combination weave of Jute and Cotton.

Features: This barrel shaped bag is made of natural Juco with a black 'Jacquard' print and a braided Jute drawstring closure.  Barrel bag makes a perfect presentation bag for any drink, including large sized soft drinks and looks great as a part of any informal table setting.