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Tree Counting Book

Interactive Cloth Activity Mat

$ 52.00

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This interactive book was designed and made by the women of Bright Solutions in Vietnam. Bright Solutions is an innovative, small business providing employment and training to single mothers, widows, low skilled or unemployed women.  Bright Solutions aims to improve the work skills of the women, their long term job prospects and self confidence thus empowering them and their families to move towards financial independence.

Dimensions: Folded to carry -  H: 18 cm.  W:  18 cm.  D: 6 cm. Plus carry handles.  Activity Mat - H: 35 cm.  W 52 cm.

Fabric : All new fabrics are used.  Washable, durable and safe (but not indestructible).  Caution :  This activity mat contains 15 small nylon and felt pieces, these toys could present a choking hazard to small children.  Adult supervision is recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Features:  A multi coloured, multi textured play mat with panels numbered from 1 - 5.  Each panel has a large red felt number and a pocket-picture in which to place the small nylon "garden critters".  The "critters" pack up into a drawstring, red satin pouch which is buttoned into the first panel.  When play is finished, the mat and "critters" fold up to make a carry bag with a tie on top and soft, easy to grasp handles. 

Critters: All made of nylon, cotton and felt.  Average size is 3 - 4 cm. 

1 x Lady Bird

2 x Owls

3 x Bumble Bees

4 x Snails

5 x Chicks

This activitiy pack has many learning and play possibilities plus fun interaction for the adult and child.