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Wooly Camel

$ 14.00


Artis Altai, located in Mongolia in the heart of the Gobi Desert, is an artisan’s workshop that provides employment opportunities for women who have little or no income. Artis Altai combines traditional felt making expertise, used since the time of Genghis Khan, with innovative contemporary craft designs. Every purchase contributes directly towards improving the living conditions of women and their families while offering hope, confidence and dignity through professional activity. Artis Altai is now a registered women's cooperative business.

This totally gorgeous camel has been hand crafted for you using pure Mongolian camel wool. Each camel stands alone at 12cm tall and 12cm wide. The camels all have two humps, as they are Mongolian bactrian camels. Also available to purchase now are Mongolian horses and dogs. These are approximately the same dimensions and also hand made using pure wool. More pictures will follow soon.