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Draughts Game

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Artis Altai, located in Mongolia in the heart of the Gobi Desert, is an artisan’s workshop that provides employment opportunities for women who have little or no income.  The women at Artis Altai combine traditional felt making expertise, used since the time of Genghis Khan, with innovative contemporary craft designs. Every purchase contributes directly towards improving the living conditions of women and their families while offering hope, confidence and dignity through professional activity.  This business is now a legal co-operative, owned and managed completely by the women themselves.  

This product is a unique, tactile version of the traditional draughts/checkers game.  Each playing piece, game board and storage bag has been completely hand dyed and hand felted using natural wool and quality non-toxic dyes.

Dimensions:  game board is approximately 25cm square and each piece is approximately 2cm diameter.

The game board can be rolled up with the pieces and stored in the purpose made storage bag.  This storage bag features a landscape felted picture of the Mongolian Steppe and family ger, representing a valued traditional life and heritage for each family of artisans.