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Rabbit Family in a Carrot

$ 36.00


This product is carefully and artfully produced by the women of a Tai Song Dum village in central Thailand. The people of this village are a minority ethnic group, originally from Northern Laos. This small business enables the village to achieve self-reliance and reduces the vulnerability of the women.  Applique is a traditional skill practised by the women and involves small red and white overlapped triangles on black. These women have adapted their skill and knowledge to create toys that will bring delight to all. They are not only creating a safe and healthy future for their families, they are also deliberately passing on their skills to the next generation.   Each product is skilfully hand and machine-sewn using fine needlework.

Dimensions: carrot (l x h) 28cm x 11cm, largest rabbit ( h x w) 16cm x 5cm, smallest rabbit ( h x w) 10cmx3cm

Features:carrot shaped purse with zipped closure containing 6 rabbits.  Rabbits are various sizes and are holding tiny carrots.  Some rabbits are wearing little aprons.  All are made using new materials.  The fabric on the rabbits may differ from the set pictured but will be a small mulicoloured print.