Contact Us - 0408 348 359 -  Office at The Bungalow - 74 Great Alpine Road, Bruthen VIC 3885 Australia

About Empower

Empower International is a not-for-profit, fair trade organisation…

  • We are all about “empowering the privileged to empower the poor”.
  • We believe in the priceless value of every person.
  • We oppose the many injustices of extreme poverty, particularly human trafficking and sexual slavery.
  • We believe every person should know and experience dignity, honour and respect.
  • We seek to encourage awareness, compassion and a strategic response to make generational change for people living in poverty… life at a time.
  • We support carefully selected organisations of integrity, working especially to empower girls physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially.
  • We believe that rescue is necessary, but prevention is ideal.
  • We believe it is crucial that all children attend school.

Our Shop

After nine years of operating a fair-trade retail store, Empower has closed its shop in Acland Street, St Kilda in June 2020.

With the support of our customers and friends, Empower has been able to continue partnering with our producer groups and workshops to facilitate re-training and income generation for marginalised women. Each small Co-operative run workshop and business continues to be a vital place of refuge, connection, belonging and hope. Some of our producer groups are now accessing market-places and maximising opportunities for growth within their own countries.

You can be a part of the on-going story of dignity for vulnerable for women, children and families by visiting our online shop.

When you are planning to be in our neighbourhood, you are very welcome to contact us and arrange a time to visit the Empower office and showroom. We would love to see you and sell you some hand crafted, fair trade products.

All of our products are hand-made and showcase great skill, ingenuity and creativity, often also fostering regional handicraft skills that have been handed down through many generations. At Empower, we aim for excellence in all we do to honour each one of our producers.

Please Contact Us for further information.